Presenting the new Monarch Series video

Presenting the new Monarch Series video, EHS is excited to share this fantastic resource with the EHS Monarch Portable and Fixed are demonstrated in-use.

The video provides a quick way to showcase possibilities of use and demonstrate use of the hoist itself, which benefits Architects and Contractors through to OT’s and Users.

Not all disabled people require hoists to transfer, therefore where guests or those using the space will be changing frequently, being able to set up a hoist system and remove it or unclip a hoist from the track is a brilliant option to have. In a holiday accommodation setting, or similarly a hotel, a portable system gives the opportunity to offer disabled people equal access whether they require a hoist or not.

The same principle can be easily applied to Hygiene and Changing Rooms in Leisure Centres and Schools, Nursing Homes and attractions.

The Monarch Portable, as demonstrated, is very simple to use. It is clipped easily onto the trolley on the track or Gantry using the Reacher Arm. The sling is attached to the unique secure sling mechanisms on the Monarch spreader bar and directed using the up and down function buttons on the handset to hoist and lower.

At only 5KG and with an integrated carry-handle design, the Monarch is built for easy and quick transport to-and-from wherever it is needed with minimal effort, yet still maintaining a lifting capacity of 200kg.

Comparatively, it lifts 32% faster, will charge 50% faster and can complete 150% more lifts per charge than other portable hoists on the market.

Likewise, the Monarch Fixed is a fantastic option for a fixed hoist, offering many of the same features as the Monarch Portable, the Monarch Fixed comes to life as it makes patient transfer easy in Nursing Homes, Hospitals and Domestic homes across the globe.

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