Brand new videos for 2017!

We are delighted to bring you two brand new videos for 2017!

We’re very pleased to be releasing two new videos showcasing our Monarch Portable Hoist together with the Regent Gantry System, the video gives a great example of where and how the equipment duo can be used.

Why the Monarch Portable?

At only 5KG and with an integrated carry-handle design, the Monarch is built for easy and quick transport to-and-from wherever it is needed with minimal effort, yet still maintaining a lifting capacity of 200kg.

Comparatively, it lifts 32% faster, will charge 50% faster and can complete 150% more lifts per charge than other portable hoists on the market.

Why Use a Gantry?

Ceiling Track is a fantastic permanent solution for transfer needs, however in such scenarios as those mentioned above – where residents and guests change often – a Gantry is a more elegant answer.

The Gantry is simple to assemble from the feet up and can be adjusted to suit the surrounding space; as seen in the video, the Gantry is assembled over a guest bed. It could as easily assist transfers to Changing Beds and Toilets.

How to Use

As demonstrated in the video by Lisa and her son Cam, the use of the Monarch is incredibly simple.

The low Gantry feet are designed to allow wheels to glide over and enable wheelchairs to be as close as is needed. The Monarch hoist is clipped easily onto the trolley on the Gantry using the Reacher Arm.

After laying or sitting the person being hoisted onto their sling and correctly attaching the loops to the unique secure sling mechanisms on the Monarch spreader bar, direct the hoist using the up and down function buttons on the handset to hoist and lower.

Portable VS Permanent

Although permanent tracking is the easiest and most aesthetic option, it is not always desirable within a multi-use environment, for both able-bodied and disabled. Portable and semi-permanent options such as the Regent Gantry and Monarch Portable Hoist provide the same result of accessibility for disabled guests whilst allowing more flexibility within the space available.

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